Below are some testimonials from our past students:

I have taken small group classes from Julia for over two years, and my Chinese ability has increased immensely. Julia's classes are fun and useful. She does a great job of balancing new grammar and vocabulary with plenty of time to chat in order to practice using what you've learned. She truly cares for each one of her students and tailors her classes and lessons to fit their needs. You will find yourself growing in this language without even realizing how much progress you've made, so natural is the learning process.

-Jessica B.

Editor from New York

I have been taking private Chinese lessons with Julia for almost a year.

Julia is very professional and I can easily tell she is very experienced in teaching. She can cover anyone from beginners to advanced levels of any age.

She pays close attention to her students and does really care of her students learning and improving.I’ve been lazy studying outside of class, but my Chinese has still improved a lot since I met Julia.

She has very clear pronunciation which is very important when in comes to learning a new language, especially one like Chinese. The materials she uses is filled with only the practical informations that I would actually use in life, and Julia adds bunch of more vocabulary and grammatical examples to bring the things more alive. Whenever I get lost understanding certain things due to difference of the grammatical structure, Julia instantly knows how to explain it so that I can get it right away.

Learning Chinese could be overwhelming with all the characters and accents. But Julia is not a teacher who just throws away thousand of words and assignments to students and expect them to memorize it, she is the one who would actually make you get interested in the language and its culture and would encourage you to wish yourself get improved. The way she teaches is very organized and the result comes out very fast. I would without hesitation recommend Julia to anyone who has interest in learning Chinese.

-Lee J.

Designer from New York

I have been taking classes with Julia for over a year and a half. I started with absolutely no knowledge of Mandarin. Its been an incredible journey and experience. Now being able to write and read Pinyin, also recognizing a lot of Chines Characters, and being able to have basic conversations is a tremendous achievement for me on my way to fully understanding and speaking Chinese. Her classes are a lot of fun and very interesting. She engages with every student to make the most out of every class. I highly recommend taking Julia's classes.

-Giuseppe R.

Cameraman from New York

I've been fortunate enough to work with Julia for a year now... she is great! I forsee working with her for many, many years to come.

I have had a number of language instructors in various languages (I am also fairly advanced in Spanish), so I feel like I have a pretty broad base of comparison at this point. Julia does so much so right! Language instructors offer a lot of really important services, and Julia really shines in them!

1. making you feel at ease and comfortable. Learning a new language can be an intimidating beast, but classes with Julia feel like a chat with an old friend. He friendliness and enthusiasm make me feel silly for ever being down/negative, and she focuses on forward progress. Something else she has done is when I get distracted by some question or comment, she will connect it to the vocabulary or grammar of the session.

2. In the vein of 1, Julia is extremely patient. I'm sure she's had to repeat certain words that just won't stick to me like 10 times. She answers all of my questions, even taking time to answer those that will come in the next couple of months.

3. She gets on my pronunciation. Honestly, I think this is probably THE most important thing a language instructor can do. It seems obvious, but for many instructors once I've gotten to the point of being able to converse, they get very lazy about correcting my pronunciation. Julia strikes a very nice balance -- when doing reading out loud, she has the patience (see 2!) to correct me over. And over. And over. This is incredibly valuable. And then as we talk, she will make corrections, but also let me finish sentences, that sort of thing. Her rigor in ensuring my pronunciation is good is something that I've seen a lot of other language instructors fail to provide.

4. "Peeking inside the black box." If you've ever tried to learn a language from a native speaker who acquired the language as a child, you know how tough it can be. You ask them "why is X like this?" and they stare at you blankly. "Just because!" Julia has been teaching students for a while and herself studied teaching chinese to non-chinese, so she is very effective at explaining to me why things are the way they are, especially understanding why I might do something in a certain way as a native english speaker.

Julia is simply put a great teacher and a great person. I look forward to my classes with her every week, and I've made a lot of progress, which is really exciting and fun to me. Chinese is a hard language, but I know I will get there with Julia's help.

-Jonathan C.

Software Developer from New York

我很喜欢在Chinese Learning Fount跟Julia学习中文。Julia很好的老师。她真的为她的学生关心。从开始找到她到现在,不但一年过了,而且我的中文水平真的提高了。我的听力,口语,和写汉字的水平都提高了。每个星期我向往中文课。我建议Julia和 Chinese Learning Fount 如果你要很好的老师和提高你的中文水平!

(I really like studying at Chinese Learning Fount with Julia. Julia is a great teacher! She really cares about her students. From the time I started with her to now, not only has a year gone by, but my Chinese level has really improved. My listening, speaking, and writing skills all have improved. Every week I look forward to class. I recommend Julia and Chinese Learning Fount if you want a great teacher and to improve your level of Chinese!)

-Katherine L.

Financial Services Employee from New York

I work at a law firm that caters to Chinese clients; once I got this job, I had to improve my Mandarin as fast as possible. My Chinese-speaking skills were just barely above zero before. I've studied with Julia for about 11 months by now. Julia is great at making me speak Chinese throughout the entire lesson, even when I start a conversation in English or use English words. She has many ways to of explaining new words using synonyms and examples - this comes very useful when I'm talking to the clients and forget the word myself. Even though more often than not I come to the lessons unprepared, my speaking skills have improved greatly, and I now feel quite comfortable speaking with the clients without any help from a translator.

-Anna D.

Attorney from New York

Julia Xu, the teacher/founder of Chinese Learning Fount, is, in a word, "amazing!" She is a native chinese with her teaching degree from mainland China, so you know her mandarin is excellent. Best of all, she enunciates her words clearly and concisely, so that a learner of chinese (from beginners to advanced) can easily grasp and emulate. After all, the route to learning a language involves exposure, repetition and practice.

I have been under her tutelage for a few months now and can attest to her patience with her students. She's very flexible with her teaching materials, tailored individually to each student's needs, goals and proficiency level.

If you want to learn mandarin, you won't go wrong with Julia Xu as your teacher. If you DON'T choose Julia, you'd be losing out on a great learning resource!

-Steven E.

Doctor from New York

Julia Xu is an accomplished teacher of Mandarin Chinese. After having an unpleasant time with a previous teacher I found Julia to be just what I needed, a teacher who is patient and relates to her students in an individual and personal way. Her presentation of the language is given in a clear and comprehensive manner. As a westerner I was impressed by the many subtleties of Mandarin. Her knowledge and skill in English are extremely helpful in her explanation of the differences between the two languages. I also enjoy how her teaching offers much insight into the Chinese people and their culture, a subject I find most interesting. As a person and a teacher, Julia has a clear, energetic, and positive presence. I can only recommend her most highly.

-Al G.

Professional Musician from New York

Whatever your goal is, Julia will carefully examine and come up with a program that will perfectly suit your needs. She always listens to you patiently over and over until new materials are fully digested. Only 6 months I have had class with Julia was enough to make me feel comfortable not only with speaking Mandarin but also with understanding cultural aspects.

Julia is by far the best among many other Chinese tutors I had lessons with, and I highly recommend her for anyone wishing to improve his or her skills in the most efficient way.

-Rae J.

Business Student at Brown University

Without question the current catalogue of Mandarin textbooks, audio disc programs, and podcasts are outstanding, but they do not provide the one intangible that Julia Xu offers which is the chance to speak Mandarin and carry out a relaxed, real-time conversation in a free association context. It may not sound thought-provoking but I assure it is very much a challenge. Julia's process is very similar to the objectives listed in textbooks; however, once I have acquired the vocabulary germane to the topic, we then converse for several minutes in free association within the context of the subject. Julia maintains that "you do need to exercise both listening and speaking to become a good conversationalist in Mandarin," and was she ever so right. Four months ago, when I began studying with Julia, I could understand very little of the Mandarin spoken on SinoVision TV or WKMD 1380 AM radio, both local Mandarin broadcast stations. However, after practicing listening comprehension four or five hours per week, and studying with Julia, I probably comprehend 35% of what is said on these stations: very slight improvement indeed, but a huge confidence builder for me. Whatever your personal goals are for studying Mandarin, Julia will build a curriculum suited to your needs. She is skillfully proficient, highly motivated, technologically competent, and an understanding tutor. I highly recommend Julia to anyone seeking to learn Mandarin.

-Barry G.

Retired Teacher from New Jersey

My name is Irena The from Indonesia. Julia was my Chinese teacher from beginning of March 2010 - February 2011. I'm so glad to have had Julia as my teacher. She is a really generous person. As a teacher, she knew how to teach and make the lessons interesting. For me, Julia is not only a teacher, but also a friend. I was so glad to share my personal life to her during classes and the best thing is she encouraged me to tell the story in Chinese language. Even though it is really hard for me to describe in entire sentences, she patiently helped me and corrected my grammar.

-Irena T.

Businesswoman from Indonesia

I took classes from Julia while based abroad. We were a bunch of work colleagues eager to learn some chinese to get around in Shanghai, experience the culture better by conversing with people. Her patience and ability to understand the difficulties a non-Chinese person has with the tones are her biggest strength. I definitely picked up a quite a few useful sentences in the first class itself! I would recommend her to anyone - really good teacher!

-Satish C.

Engineer from San Francisco

I would like to say that Julia, as a teacher she is very good with communicating with students and her methods of teaching is very useful in a daily life in Shanghai. Even though we only had couple months of lessons, I could say without her, I could not get by even with the simplest things in a day to day interactions. So I would highly recommend her for teaching Chinese on any level, with her professionalism and her knowledge and also with her understanding of English as well, to conform in way's that I, as an American, she can tailor the studies to what I needed and required.

-Ki P.

Executive from Orange County
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