The lesson types and tuition for individual and small group instruction are described below:

Lesson Types DescriptionTuition / hour
Individual One-on-One instruction$65
Group of 2Small group instruction$40 / student
Group of 3Small group instruction$30 / student

In addition to beginning, intermediate, and advanced Chinese lessons, other areas of study are listed below:

  • Individually-tailored: Tell us what you wish to study and we will develop custom materials for it. We have developed materials for executives, attorneys, journalists, entrepreneurs and many others.
  • Business Chinese: Learn Chinese pertaining to business ranging from developing relationships with other companies in China, communicating with employees and co-workers, to setting up your own operations in China. Learn to converse with colleagues, partners, and clients at business meetings, conferences, and networking events.
  • Travel Chinese: Learn Chinese for use as a tourist in China such as how to communicate to taxi drivers, how to purchase goods on the street markets, how to order food in restaurants, how to buy tickets for local venues, and much more. Be more than a foreigner and be able to linguistically navigate China!
  • Mandarin Chinese for Children: From kindergarten to elementary and junior high school, these tutoring sessions are designed to help kids become comfortable communicating bilingually in Chinese and English.

Cancellation policy: Students must provide at least one day notice before cancelling a scheduled session to avoid being charged for the session.

If you would like more information about private instruction, you may contact us. An initial meeting to assess your learning needs and to demonstrate our teaching style is free.

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